Sunday, November 8, 2009

Boehm Family!

Where do I begin ……. A little over four years ago Carol was my daughter’s primary nurse in the NICU. Carol was always so caring with my daughter and was the most amazing caregiver anyone could ever wish for!! She made our many months there much more bearable!! We will always have a huge place in our hearts for her! Thanks for everything you did Carol!
Here are some fun shots we took of the family. They are so fun and easy to photograph. They really have an amazing family chemistry and it shows in all the images!! We got some sweet and tender moments with mom and dad, and their smokin' kids!! I just don’t remember teenagers that gorgeous when I was in high school!!! Check out their puppy Jetta with her windblown ears!! : )
Thanks guys, you were all amazing!!!



dena said...

Lots of favorites. Of course the action shots are fun! I also like the natural looks of the son you got. But, I have to say the ones I liked the most are of the beautiful mama. Her eyes and her face just look breathtaking in a few of these!

Elizabeth PhotoArt said...

I love this shoot! Could that young lady BE any more flexible!?!? Those shots of her midair are amazing!! What a beautiful family!

Enrique said...

The pictures are great. The dog pic is funny! The picture of the girl with the gymnast pose is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Vanessa. This was such a special treat for us all and we had such a wonderful time doing it. Thank you for capturing such outstanding pictures of my family for us all to cherish.
Carol Ann Boehm

Anonymous said...

I had so much fun working with you and you definitely got a great one with me in the air! It's one of my all time favorites of the bunch! Thanks for everything! =]
Love Ashley!

Glenda said...

I have Never seen such wonderful pictures in my life. The back grounds were so interesting. Jetta's ears were so funny. You did have an awesome family to photograph, or maybe I am just a little prejudice, since this is my daughter, her awesome husband, and my wonderful grandchildren. Thank you so very much for taking these. Yes, God has given Carol a real gift of love for all of 'her babies'. Your work is outstanding !!!