Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Today is my beautiful daughter’s birthday!! I cannot believe she is turning 4years old!!! It really feels like she was born just yesterday!!! Just 23 weeks and 1lb , my little miracle baby has come so far. My heart is filled with happiness and pride for the wonderful person she has become. Thank you LORD for all the wonderful blessing you have given us!!!!
We had a big Dora birthday party at a park this weekend!! It was really great!! I know it is so hot but with the breeze we didn’t even feel it!!! Thanks to all my whole family’s help the party went smooth!!!

We had Dora there to play with the kids!!!! Guys if you are having a party you have to call Dena from Silly Shindigs!!! Since my daughter had a Dora party she came as Dora!! She had so many activities, games, dancing,relays, just entertained the kids so much. They had a map and they looked for a hidden treasure chest, it was so cool!! Dena really made her birthday experience so special!!! Maissa has not stopped talking about it!!!

We also had the pleasure of meeting Balloon Betty!! She made balloon figures and hats for everyone, but more than that, she is an entertainer!!! She was amazing!! I was worried that the big kids would get bored at the party but Betty took care of that!!! She was so funny with all her little jokes!! I could have not asked for more!!! She is best thing for any party!!!!

Here are must of the party kids!!!


Mariah said...

You are so blessed! She's such a beautiful and sweet girl! They grow up so fast...The birthday party looked like so much fun!!

Anonymous said...

First off Happy Birthday Maissa and I love all of the pictures. All of the kids had a great time.