Thursday, March 19, 2009


Hey Guys hope you are having a great day!! It’s Friday!!! We have a major busy weekend ahead of us so we are pumped!!
Several weeks ago we met JJ from theblahblahblahger on Twitter! She is an aspiring photographer and has the funniest blog. In her blog she writes about her photography experiences, she gives recipes, home décor ideas, and little how to’s about home improvement!! She contacted us to see if she could feature us on her blog!! FOR SURE!!!! How cool is that!!! Well check out her blog and see some questions she asked about us and some kind words she wrote!! Thanks so much JJ that means so much to us!!!
Check us out on twitter and send us a hello if you see on there!! Have a great Weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

I read her BLog and I thought it was great!

Desi said...

Great Blog . It was nice to learn more about you guys.