Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lindsey's Bridal's

Lindsey, Lindsey, Lindsey!!!! What can we say!! We really had a great time in this shoot!! Her mom and sis in law came and joined us for the day. We started with some classic pictures at the canals!! The warm tones really just show off her beauty! I love the picture of her going down the stairs!! Does it not look like it is out of a fairy tale!! Well we finish there and then we went in search for a field! We found the coolest field nearby, It was wonderful!!! The only problem is that Jessica and I are the biggest scardy cats ever!!! That grass was like 3 feet high!!! On the other hand Lindsay looked like Snow white there!! She was not scared one bit and the butterflies where all flying around her!! It was so magical, once again like a fairy tale!!! We got some super awesome shots of her in field and the beautiful sunset!!! We could have kept going forever but we heard something crawling towards us so we RAN!!!!!AWWWWW
Thanks so much guys!!! To Lindsey’s mom: The love that you have for your daughter is just so moving and so inspiring!! I pray that my daughter looks up to me in the same way when she is older!! : )
We just shot Lindsey and Matt’s wedding and we cannot wait for you guys to see them!!!

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