Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! We went to Jasper, Arkansas for a week!! We were in the cabin on a mountain in the middle of nowhere, it was great!!! We stayed at the Red Rock Retreat; it is an amazing cabin on the most beautiful location! It was so well kept and everyone there is so nice, you guys have to go!! They have horses and cows on the property; the best part is that they have a pet wolf named Monk! It was so great to relax and just enjoy our time together. We went with my husband’s mom and the 4 of us had great time!! I LOVED spending so much uninterrupted time with my daughter!! We get so wrapped up in work and life and it felt great not to have phones or computers. My daughter is growing up so fast and I really need to cherish this time now because it will be gone in an instant!! I am so thankful to be blessed with such an amazing family!!!! Here some fun pics of us!! We hiked around, did arts and crafts, read a million books!! Maissa loved the leaves so much she really liked throwing them. We also went to the lake collected sea shells. She loved looking at the animals and was so brave but screamed blood murder when she saw a fly!!!! She pet a wolf and horses but a fly was just too much for her to handle. : ) OMG!!!! WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW!!!! It is Eric and Maissa howling with the Monk the pet wolf! So amazing!!

This is not real!!

I love this picture of Maissa reading with her grandma

At first she did not like this because she said the smoke was chasing her!!! So funny!

Love this pics so much she looks so beautiful

Watch this video!!!


Brad Shull said...

Great pics! Love the location.

Anonymous said...

She is gorgeous!!! It looks like you all had a great time.