Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tessie and Ruben's Shower!!

Here are some pics of Tessie and Ruben , such a sweet couple!! We shot their beautiful wedding this past November!! !!
Tessie and I go way back to the 8th grade!!! She was my first friend ever when we moved here!!! Once we got to talking, we became inseparable and had so much fun together!!! Wow … it is a trip to see her as a mama when I remember us hiding behind the bleachers so we would not have to run laps!!! : )
We took some pics in the morning and then Jessica and I went to her shower! I usually dread baby showers!! I don’t know what it is but they drive me crazy! Let me tell you how cool her shower was! They had a bib decorating station, scrapbooking, lots of fun games!! It was so cool to see friends I had not seen since high school!! Her friends did an amazing job organizing it all!!! Here are some of our favorites or the millions that we took.

OMG THIS IS MY 8TH GRADE CREW!!!! Ebonie , Tessie , ME!!

Jessica and Tessie


Tessie said...

We had such a blast! I was so happy you guys came and on top of that the pictures were amazing! Everyone who sees them flip out. We had so much fun. You guys made the experience unforgettable! I finally get to join the mommy crew. You have to give me tonz of advise! Thanks again for everything!


Ruben and Tessie

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures.